Bonus (1) : Deposit £10, Receive £10 in bonuses.
To receive this bonus, deposit minimum £10 and use the
following bonus code : PKR£10

Bonus (2) : 200% match on your first deposit, up to £600.
To receive this bonus, deposit minimum £10 and use the
following bonus code : 200PKR

You can only choose one of the bonuses above. The 1st choice gives the bonus cash immediately, while the 2nd choice requires additional ‘playthrough’ to earn the bonus cash over time.

PKR Poker is unique in the online gaming world, because it specialises in providing a full 3D experience for players. Instead of the regular flat poker table shown on other sites, at PKR the table and the players are all represented with 3D graphics. Members can choose to personalise their player ‘avatar’, so it can either look like your real-life self or choose a completely new image for yourself.

PKR was revolutionary when it was first released in 2006, and the software has continued to grow and improve over the years. PKR won the ‘Online Poker Operator of the Year’ award at the International Gaming Awards – two years in a row – and the press have described the site as “the future of online poker”, “we are blown away”, “great functions and a beautiful site” and “simply superb”.

Players at PKR have written : “You have truly captured the essence of a 3D gaming experience!”, “I just want to say that PKR is the best poker room ever, I’ve played at many poker rooms but that is the best”, “i have played online for 4 years and haven’t seen anything like it… big thank you. you’re amazing!!” and “Your site makes all of the others look very sad and boring indeed. It has to be the closest thing to live play. In short, it is really tremendous fun.”

The PKR Poker site also features ‘MyPKR’, adding a social element to playing online – create a profile, send messages to poker buddies, and keep track of your tournament rankings. There’s also social ‘meetups’ in ‘real life’, and a very popular forum for chatting with other players on the site.

The 3D experience also allows players to express emotions and body language, so you can show other players how you feel – or provide false ‘tells’ to influence your opponents. Playing at PKR is also fun because of the 3D backgrounds that make you feel like you’re playing in exotic locations ranging from cruise ships and Vegas clubs to Egyptian and Atlantis locations, or even feel like you’re playing live poker in a TV studio event!

There’s also multiple angles available – you can choose to see an overall view of the game, or see the action from the eyes of your player (you can even look around and make eye contact with other players!), or enter Dynamic mode and automatically view the best director’s shot while the action unfolds.

Most games at PKR Poker are Texas Hold’em but the site also offers Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo Split. As with most online poker sites, most games are played in US$, of course it’s no problem to deposit and withdraw using your ££’s account.

Tournaments : There’s plenty of tournaments each day with big guaranteed prize pools. The ‘Mini-Primetime’ tournament offers a guaranteed $2,000 each evening while the Primetime event features a guaranteed $6,000. One of the bigger daily events is ‘The Open’ with a $7,500 Guaranteed prize pool ($15,000 on Sundays) and just $22 buy-in.

The twice-monthly ‘Mini Masters’ offers a Guaranteed $10,000 with just $5 buy-in, making it great value, while the big monthly event is ‘The Masters’ with a $100,000 Guaranteed prize pool and minimum $25,000 first place prize. Big events like this are broadcast on PKR’s video channel available to millions of viewers, with hole-cards revealed, so this is a chance for fame accompanied by the title of ‘PKR Masters Champion’. All this is available with satellite buy-ins as low as $2.

If you win 1st place in one of the top events at PKR Poker (such as the PKR Open, Masters or Mini Masters), you’ll gain permanent access to the most prestigious of tournaments : the monthly Superstars event, with big prizes (along with the most impressive bragging rights).

You’ll also find fun Terminator tournaments – each player starts with a bounty on their head, displayed above their name at the table. Eliminate a player to receive 75% of the bounty on their head while adding the remaining 25% to your own bounty, making great adrenalin-filled games.

PKR features satellites so you can win a seat at big live events like the WSOP. You can also create your own private tournaments, and invite just your poker buddies or co-workers to the ultimate online private event.

Sit&Go’s : At PKR Poker there’s regular 6 and 10 seat SnG’s as well as 2 seat Heads-Up tables. There’s also great variations like ‘Double Thru’ – 50% of the players double their buy-in as soon as the other 50% are eliminated. Similarly the ‘Break Thru’ game awards all players in the bubble with triple their buy-in when 2/3rds of the players are eliminated, plus the overall winner takes 25% of the pot.

There’s Terminator SnG games where each player has a bounty on their head, eliminate a player to take their bounty for yourself. You’ll also find SnG ‘Phase’ tournaments – these are SnG’s offering multiple steps, each higher step awarding players with bigger prizes. You can buy-in to the higher steps immediately for a chance at 1st-place $200 prizes, or win your way to the top with buy-ins starting at just $1 at the lowest ‘phase’.

Leaderboards : At PKR there are 2 monthly leaderboards : one for MTT players and one for SnG players. The top 5,000 players from the MTT leaderboard gain access to the monthly MTT-players’ freeroll, while the top 5,000 players from the SnG leaderboard have their own monthly freeroll – expected prize pools are $50,000+ so these freerolls are great events to look forward to.

Loyalty Program : Each time you play cash games or tournaments at PKR Poker you’ll be earning Points, and you will rise up the ranks starting at ‘Member’ and then achieving Bronze status, then Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each level brings access to new rewards and bonuses, and unlike many other sites your level will never go down at PKR even if you take a break for a while, so your status can only move upwards.

You can exchange your points for a wide range of gifts including tournament entries, poker products (chips, tables etc) as well as top quality electronics such as TV’s and cameras, or gifts like jewellery and luxury chocolate packages. Other benefits for members include special freerolls and invitational tournaments, reload bonuses, birthday gifts, monthly competitions and much more. At the highest levels, frequent players and high rollers receive access to VIP events, exclusive gifts and bonuses, and special hospitality packages.

Other Games : PKR also offers 3D Blackjack, as well as a range of mini games including Roulette, Video Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. There’s also a big range of casino games, and even sports betting is available on-site.

Poker Education : A wide range of poker pros and experts have written over 450 articles for PKR players, covering every aspect of poker from beginner to advanced levels, and providing advice and tips for every style of poker including cash games, tournaments and sit&go.

Players at PKR Poker are big fans of the unique 3D software, as you can see from the player’s comments below :

Barry : “PKR has launched a poker site unrivalled by any of its competitors.”

Matthew : “I continue to be amazed at the quality of your software. It’s the most awesome gaming software I have ever seen and by a huge margin. It’s really fun to play too.”

Andrew : “May I just say how much I enjoy your site. Never in my life have I felt the need to contact a company to say well done, but hey there is a first for everything. I love everything, even down to the PKR tournament winner’s emails! I have passed this site to my friends”.

Bea : “I must say, the customer support with this web site is first class… Not to mention the BEST poker website on the internet… keep up the great work PKR.”

PKR Poker was founded in 2006 with headquarters in London and with over 4 million registered members.

Support is available 24/7 by Live online chat as well as by email.

Deposit Methods
: Payments are accepted through the following ;
Mobile Phones
High Rollers
: Site Offers Benefits for High Rollers
: Software Independently Tested for Fair Play
: Operating license issued by the UK Gambling Commission

You can download PKR Poker by visiting their website.