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Bet365 Poker
Bet365 Poker
Bet365 Poker is a Trusted Site.
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Bonus (1) : 100% match on your first deposit, up to €100.
Example : Deposit €20 and receive €20 free bonus,
or Deposit €100 and receive €100 free bonus.
A useful feature of the software is the Bonus Tracking area where you can check the status of your bonuses and make sure you get the maximum amount of free cash available to you.

Bonus (2) : €5 in Tournament Tokens.
After making your first deposit (minimum €10) you’ll automatically receive €5 of tokens for entering tournaments.

Refer-A-Friend : If someone you know signs up at Bet365 Poker due to your recommendation, you can receive a free $50 referral bonus.

As a member of the iPoker network, you can be sure that there will always be thousands of opponents at Bet365 Poker ready to play at any hour of the day. Like almost all online poker sites, most of the poker games will be played in US$ – but of course it’s easy to deposit your funds and withdraw your winnings in Pounds. At Bet365 you can find pound tables and euro tables so it is possible to play in £ and €, but you can probably expect considerably less opponents with these currencies. However there is a unique benefit of playing at these non-US$ tables – just play for a short while and you’ll easily gain access to special weekly €500 Freerolls.

Game Types : While Texas Hold’em of course remains the most popular form of online poker, Bet365 also offers players other familiar poker games like Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud – they also have a poker school with all the rules for each game plus tips and strategies. Or if you feel like playing something completely different, you can try Bet365’s new card games based on favourites from Asia, including 13 card poker, Big 2, Super Big 2, or the fun 3 player game ‘Fight the Landlord’ where you can use card combinations like Bombs (4 of a Kind) and Rockets (Pair of Jokers) to devastate your opponents while trying to discard all your cards.

Satellites and Bet365 Stars : Monster Tournaments with giant prize pools are a specialty at Bet365, and you can be the star – simply enter one of the many weekly satellite tournaments to gain entry to higher level events. There’s a massive tournament schedule with prize pools ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 and higher, and with many variations like freeze-outs, double-stack, and high-roller events. The $200,000 Guaranteed tournament each Sunday is a big event with many satellites leading up to it. There’s also a monthly Tournament Leaderboard Challenge so you can really show off your tournament skills and win big cash prizes as well as the opportunity to compete in one of the biggest freerolls around – with a guaranteed prize pool of $200,000 on offer.

Jackpot Sit & Go : One unique feature at Bet365 Poker is their range of jackpot poker SNG’s, where massive prizes are available if you can pull off consecutive wins. With buy-ins starting at $2+0.40 and prizes up to $50,000, it’s a fun variation on regular SNG’s with great chances of winning big. There are a number of different jackpot types, for example the ‘Dirty Dozen’ where play starts with 12 players at 2 tables – win 4 of these in a row and take home a prize of $2,000 on top of the individual SNG winnings. Does 4 consecutive wins sound difficult? It’s not so hard, as the evidence shows : Bet365 gave away over $250,000 in these jackpots last year. Even if you don’t manage the 4 consecutive wins you have a lot of fun trying and of course you still get to keep any individual SNG wins.

Then there’s the Maui jackpot, starting with 10 players at a table – win 5 in a row and take home a minimum jackpot of $15,000 – and if the jackpot is unclaimed then the prize keeps rising each week. There’s also consolation prizes for any combination of 5 first and second place consecutive finishes. One step up is the Rio jackpot – a single table SNG with 6 players, and just 6 consecutive wins will net you a cool $25,000 minimum – rising by $10,000 each week if unclaimed. In one year alone, Bet365 gave away over $1,260,900 in Rio jackpots – that’s a lot of very happy winners. Last but certainly not least is the Fort Knox Jackpot – again starting with a 6 player SNG, 6 consecutive wins will result in a minimum jackpot of $50,000 – expect some tough competition for this one.

Loyalty Program : Bet365 has a ‘VIP Scheme’ with various levels ranging from Bronze to Platinum. You can progress through the VIP levels by earning Merit Points, these are accrued every time you play at a regular cash table or enter a cash tournament buy-in. The Merit Points can then be converted to cash rewards and tournament tokens. As you progress from Bronze to Silver or Gold, you gain access to better rewards (up to $3,000 for Gold) as well as special monthly freerolls, or go all the way to Platinum VIP level and receive rewards up to $150,000. There’s also an exclusive ‘Diamond Club’ for high rollers – no need to apply, it’s invite-only… Once selected for this ‘best of the best’ club, members enjoy premium service as well as unique offers and benefits that make playing at Bet365 even more rewarding.

Beginners : to encourage beginner poker players, Bet365 Poker is offering some special bonuses – like the $2,500 Beginner’s Race. These are constantly ongoing leaderboard races, with each race lasting 2 weeks. Beginners can take part in a total of 5 races, including the current race at the time of joining plus the next 4 races. Each leaderboard race is comprised of all low-stakes games so you won’t be risking much, but beginners will gain valuable experience and have a chance at the big prize pool. Surprisingly the prizes are not given out according to wins – because this is all about helping beginners, so the prizes are given based on time spent playing and practising.

There are also beginners-only tables that are only available for the first 90 days after registering at the site, so you can be assured that there are a lot less sharks patrolling the waters. Apart from Texas Hold’em, beginners also have their own Pot Limit Omaha and 7 Card Stud tables, and there are also play-money tables for those who really don’t want to risk anything while practising their strategies. Of course new players are not limited to these beginners-only tables and can play at any regular tables whenever they wish.

You won’t find a more reliable company than Bet365 – in fact Bet365 is the UK’s 7th largest private company, serving over 4 million customers in 200 countries. Bet365 operates a variety of sites covering poker, sports betting, casino games and bingo – and with a ‘one-wallet’ system you can play at any of the sites using a single account for maximum convenience.

Support is available through 24/7 Customer Service, including live chat, email, freephone and call-back.

Poker Network
: iPoker Network (Playtech)
: Software Download is Available
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: Site Offers Benefits for High Rollers
: Software Independently Tested for Fair Play
: Operating license issued by the UK Gambling Commission

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